We are able to design and install all grades of intruder alarms. This can start with a simple standalone wired or wireless system for your home. Which when activated will cause the external bell to sound, along with the internal keypad. These systems also have the option of added extras. One option is that if an alarm is activated you can receive a text or a call to your mobile informing you of the activation. Another option is proximity tags for setting and un setting the system.

So rather than having to punch in a code you simply present your tag to the keypad and the system can be set or unset. We are also able to design supply and install more complex alarms. Which can allow different parts of your building to armed while other parts are unarmed to allow access to only certain areas.

All alarms can be fully monitored to our central station which will inform key holders of any alarm activations 24 hours a day 365 days a year. There is also the option of having the alarm linked directly to the police so they are informed immediately of the activation on your alarm system.