HR Security is able to offer an extensive range of intercom system to provide you with a secure method of controlling access to your home or work place. All our intercom systems can be linked to your automatic gate/barrier or door access systems.

We are able to supply and install the following types of systems.

  • Wired audio intercoms.
  • Wired video/audio intercoms.
  • Wireless audio intercoms.
  • Wireless video/audio intercoms.
  • GSM intercoms.


The following is just some of the features that you will get with some of the systems above. With all the wireless options the big benefit is the phone that is installed in your house/work place is not fixed in on permanent location. You are able to take the phone with you if you need to move to another area of the building, eliminating the worry of not hearing the intercom phone ringing. Another bonus with our wireless systems is that they have a built in answer machine function. So if you are out and someone visits they have the option to leave an answer machine message for you.

With the GSM systems we are able to programme in phone numbers of your choice, so for example if you have your mobile number programmed. You can receive the call from your intercom even if you are not at home/work. This in turn also allows you to give access to your property, as you phone can command the gate/door to open without you being present on the site.

With the range of intercoms we provide we are confident we can provide a system for any situation.