At HR Security Systems we are able to offer a full range of fire alarm system for every scenario small or large.

The basic systems we offer usually involve using a conventional system. This will divide your building into zones so when a detector in zone 1 for example goes into fire. The fire alarm panel will indicate that a detector in zone 1 has been activated, so you will know which area of the building has an alarm activation for you to investigate. This system can have relays added to it to control or activate other systems. An example of this is to link the fire alarm system to the automatic doors via a relay. So when the fire alarm panel receives a fire signal all the automatic doors will open. Another example of this is using a relay to shut off your gas supply to a kitchen when fire signal is received by the fire alarm signal.

With larger systems that require a more specific location description we use addressable systems. With addressable systems each device on the system will be given a unique loop number and device number. When the device is activated these numbers will appear at the fire alarm panel along with a location description of the device. An example of the description would be something like “MAIN RECEPTION”. This allows you to go to the exact location of the activation immediately to investigate without having to search large areas of the building.

With addressable systems there are also a number of extra features available. You are able to have an investagation delay so that the sounders are not activated immediately, you are able to have phased evacuations so if a device is activated in only one area of the building the sounders are only activated in that area and the fire alarm system can also be used as the class change alert. This is only a small number of examples of the cause and effect that can programmed to suite your specific needs.