HR Security provides a wide range of electronic security systems, along with perimeter security library-488671_1280solutions for schools. This enables education to be undertaken in a calm safe environment, where students can learn and teachers can teach with minimal disruption.

All our integrated security features are tailored to meet the individual needs of each school. We have knowledge and expertise to design and install a wide variety of security system solutions. These include gate automation systems integrated with security fencing to control who may enter or exit the school site.

A variety of CCTV systems can be used to help protect remote vulnerable areas of the site or to help monitor busy areas of the school to combat against theft and vandalism. When installed correctly your CCTV system can be used to gain vital evidence to help resolve a number of situations that can occur on a school site.

We are also able to help you protect your school site once everyone has gone home. With a wide range of internal and external intruder alarms available to help combat any potential threat intruders may cause to the School. All these solutions come with the option of being monitored by a monitoring station or by a private phone number. You also have the option to have a simple standalone system which is not monitored.

With over twenty years experience in the security industry, we are confident that H R Security System are able to design and install a security solution to meet all of your schools needs.

Case Study

All Saints Academy, Dunstable

We were contacted by All saints Academy regarding an on-going security issue they had. The main entrance of the school consisted of a large pair of manual double vehicle entrance gates and two manual pedestrian entrance gates.The school left all these gates open during school hours allowing free access to the school site. Unfortunately this led to a high number of bikes being stolen from the site during school hours. The school responded to this by locking all the entrance gates during the day. This stopped the bikes from being stolen but then caused another issue. Every time the school had a visitor or delivery arrive, the person at the gate would have to call the school reception. The school receptionist would then need to walk down to the gate that is one hundred meters away to unlock it. The same process would need to take place to allow people to leave the site.
We installed a Came underground gate automation system on the main vehicle gates and on one of the pedestrian gates. We went for an underground motor so that the system was more vandal proof. The gates are away from the main school building we felt if arms were used they could be vulnerable to being attacked by vandals. With the motors being underground it is a lot harder to vandalise the motors.On the vehicle gate a GSM intercom system was installed on the unsecure side of the gate. When this unit is activated it calls a phone on the reception desk. The receptionist can then communicate with the gate and activate the gate to open if they wish to allow access to the school site. An induction ground loop was installed on the secure side of the gate. This loop will detect cars as they approach which in turn will activate the gates to open allowing you to exit the site.On the pedestrian gate two GSM intercom system entry units were installed. One on the unsecure side of the gate the other on the secure side. When these units are activated they call a phone on the reception desk. The receptionist can then communicate with the gate and activate the gate to open if they wish to allow access to the school site or if they want to allow the person to leave the school site.