At HR Security we are able to offer you a wide range of Door Access Control Systems to accommodate your needs.

We are able to provide standalone systems which are ideal for system that do not need monitoring. These systems can be commissioned so that your proximity fobs can be issued to only allow entry to certain doors on the site. Full training is giving so that the end user can block proximity fobs or add extra access rights for staff immediately in a swift affective manor.

With our monitored door access systems you are able to view all door activities on a PC. This can be achieved by installing a dedicated network for the door access system or by connecting the door access controllers to your existing network and servers. From the PC you are able control all functions on the system. This will be from things like learning new users onto the system, to setting doors to have free access for certain time periods of the day. Another big advantage of a monitored system is that you can be alerted on the PC when a door has been wedged open allowing you to make sure that your site is secure at all time.