At HR Security Systems we are positive we are able to provide your business with the highest 1394571015_2_Image_Thumbstandard of security systems to protect your assets. Every premise receives a comprehensive survey to enable us to design the right solution to your security requirement. Your tailor made security system will be professionally installed by our friendly, highly motivated and skilled engineers. Our security systems will provide total protection for your business.
We are able to offer a wide range of systems that can be installed around your business to ensure you are secure. There are a wide range of gate automation and security fencing solutions for your premises. By doing this you can take control of who is entering your businesses site preventing any unwanted visitors wondering around freely, inspecting your site. To strengthen your security from unwanted visitors we are also able to offer a range of door access systems to help restrict access into building and to certain areas of buildings. This can be used to keep external threats out and to control which areas staff are allowed access to helping prevent internal theft.
There is also a large range of CCTV options that can be installed to help support your business being more secure. For example you will be able to use the CCTV to view live images to see if you have trespassers on your property or to review footage, which can help you gather evidence when an incident has occurred. A visible CCTV system is also a fantastic deterrent to unwanted intruders. Your system can not only be used to identify an unwanted intruder is can also be used to deter and gather evidence for internal theft issues which may well be effecting the running of your business.
Another vital aspect of helping protect your business when you are not there is an intruder alarm; with a wide range of intruder alarms available. We can help you combat any potential threat intruders may cause to your business. All these solutions come with the option of being monitored or standalone systems.

With over twenty years experience in the security industry, we are confident that H R Security Systems is able to design and install a security solution to meet all of your business needs.

Head Start Day Nursery, Daventry

Head Start Day Nursery needed to be able to control access to the front of the nursery site and into the Nursery building. This was due to front of the site being the main out door area for the children to play. So it was essential that no unwanted visitors could gain access to the site and no children could wonder off. The main entrance to the building also had to be secured for the same reasons.


After a full site survey it was decided the best option was to install an automated pedestrian gate at the entrance to the site. This automation system included a video intercom system with keypad and exit button at high level on the secure side of the gate. The keypad was installed so that staff and regular visitors could gain access by entering a code. Visitors use the video intercom so staff can identify them and decide if it is appropriate to allow access to the site. A high level exit button was installed so that adults only would be able to exit the site.

On the main entrance to the building a magnetic lock was fitted to the door with a video intercom and keypad on the outside. Staff and regular visitors could gain entry by entering a code.While visitors would need to activate the intercom and wait for staff to allow them to access the building. A high level exit button was installed on the inside of the building allowing adults to exit, along with an emergency break glass. When activated this break glass would cut power to the magnetic lock allowing free access through the door. The door was also connected to the fire alarm so when there is a fire activation on the system power is cut to the magnetic lock allowing free access.