We love a challenge at HR Security. whether its a domestic alarm, c.c.t.v , a fire alarm, door access or an automated gate system, we believe we can find the right security discipline to meet your specific needs. After a site survey and an on site meeting we will ascertain your requirements and give you a proposal for a system .

Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation

We had a call from an elderly couple who had suffered an attempted breakin whilst they were out shopping. Unfortunately they were shaken by the experience of knowing someone tried to gain access to their property and wanted a security system that would guard they’re property and give them peace of mind also.
There was several criteria that the alarm would have to meet . It had to be easy to use as the customer was aprehensive about a complicated setting procedure. It had to be pet friendly as the customer had a cat. It had to be aethetically pleasing and the install unobtrusive and quick and importantly within the customers budget.


The answer was to install a wireless alarm. With remote setting fobs suppied with the alarm the system can be armed with the touch of a button ( just like your car ) which allayed the customers fears about the setting procedure.
The alarm sensors were all pet sensitive so the customers cat was free to move about the house even when its was armed.
The alarm did not need unsitely cables run throughout the house which meant hardly any disruption to the customer, the install time is greatly reduced, labour costs are kept to a minimum (keeping within the customers budget) and the install looks great!
The alarm guards their home 24 hrours a day, lets them know via telephone of any activations and can be easily taken out and installed somewhere else if the customer ever moves house. This proved to be a very good solution to the problem and the customer minds were put a ease, reassured that they and their home were protected day and night.

Olney RFC Intruder Alarm

We received an enquiry from Olney RFC with regards to upgrading their existing intruder alarm system at their clubhouse.

They required the alarm to cover all vulnerable areas in the clubhouse along with providing a monitoring service so that key holders could be informed of any alarm activations.

Another important aspect of the alarm was that you needed to be able to disable the back cellar externally so that when the brewery delivered they could disable this one area without disarming the rest of the building.


After performing an extensive survey we fitted door contacts on all external doors along with installing Dualtech PIR’s in all areas we felt where vulnerable. For example in areas of the clubhouse where there are lots of windows and with high value equipment inside. We used Dualtech detectors so that we could cut down on false alarms.

The new system is connected to our monitoring station so that key holders can be immediately informed when the alarm has been activated 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We also installed a key switch externally outside the cellar door. When this switch is activated the sensors and door contacts in the cellar are disabled allowing you to gain access to the cellar without activating the alarm. While the rest of the building is still armed. This allows deliveries to be made without anyone from the club having to be present.

Head Start Day Nursery, Daventry

Head Start Day Nursery needed to be able to control access to the front of the nursery site and into the Nursery building. This was due to front of the site being the main out door area for the children to play. So it was essential that no unwanted visitors could gain access to the site and no children could wonder off. The main entrance to the building also had to be secured for the same reasons.


After a full site survey it was decided the best option was to install an automated pedestrian gate at the entrance to the site. This automation system included a video intercom system with keypad and exit button at high level on the secure side of the gate. The keypad was installed so that staff and regular visitors could gain access by entering a code. Visitors use the video intercom so staff can identify them and decide if it is appropriate to allow access to the site. A high level exit button was installed so that adults only would be able to exit the site.

On the main entrance to the building a magnetic lock was fitted to the door with a video intercom and keypad on the outside. Staff and regular visitors could gain entry by entering a code.While visitors would need to activate the intercom and wait for staff to allow them to access the building. A high level exit button was installed on the inside of the building allowing adults to exit, along with an emergency break glass. When activated this break glass would cut power to the magnetic lock allowing free access through the door. The door was also connected to the fire alarm so when there is a fire activation on the system power is cut to the magnetic lock allowing free access.

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